Saturday, 19 February 2011

May You Rest in Peace, Reverend Father Nicolas Acsay-Valeriano III.

The Last Profile Picture of Rev. Fr. Nick in his official profile in Facebook social network.

     Rev. Fr. Nicolas Acsay-Valeriano III (10 Dec. 1958 - 01 Feb. 2011) became the parish priest of 4 parishes, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Marasbaras, Tacloban city, Our Lady of Refuge Parish in Dulag, Leyte province, and also a parish in Jaro, Leyte provine and Isabel, Leyte province. The Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal parish serves as Fr. Nick's last parish to be led spiritually. 

     Fr. Nick died on 01 February 2011, a Tuesday. Rev. Fr. Nick is my uncle in my mother's side. He said that he will support me when I go inside the seminary. But, he died. Fr. Nick is a nice uncle and a nice priest.  But, Fr. Nick left us so swiftly without even saying goodbye, just like what the OLMM parishioners in Marasbaras, Tacloban city said. 

     Rev. Fr. Nick was burried on 10 February 2011 on the Catholic Cemetery of Leyte which is owned by the Archdiocese of Palo. The presider of Fr. Nick's Requiem is the neocatechumenate Monsignor Jimmy Villanueva.

     If you want to watch the St. Peter eLibing tribute to Fr. Nick, please click here. Thank you and may Fr. Nick rest in the peace offered by the LORD God.

Fr. Nick to Me

     Fr. Nick is not only a priest and an uncle, but also an inspiration. He taught me how to serve God in the proper way. Fr. Nick gives me inspiration on having a plan to go inside the seminary to study priesthood. His homilies are goo and enlightening all our minds. It enlightens me when Fr. Nick told about salvation. he says that Christians are used by God, all the Christian Catholics, not only the priest to evangelize souls. Because we have the truth! That's the most wonderful lesson the Fr. Nick told me. Fr. Nick, on his collection of stories , posted that 'Living the Bible is Better Than Any Bible Study' and I absolutely agree with it. Now, his journey is starting, his journey to our Almighty Father. Well, Father Nick, good luck and may you find rest on God. His last story on his collection of stories is related about heaven. Fr. Nick, we'll pray for your soul.

     Fr. Nick, we know you are going to the resting place God prepared for you. You'll rise on the last day, Father. Even you left us, may you continue guiding us. Thank you. I know you're the reason of the awards I received during foundation day of our school. Don't worry, Father Nick, I'll follow your footsteps on being a priest. Bro. J.M. and bro. Dodong (your last secretary) will also follow your footsteps on being a priest.

"In Baptism, Nicolas received the sign of the Cross... may Nicolas, who shared in the Eucharist... be welcomed by Christ, the apostles, and the saints who have done Your will through out ages."